Autonominen syvyyskartoitus ja virtausmittaus

08.06.2021 10:00 - 11:00

Petteri Alho & Linnea Blåfield, Turun yliopisto / 

Autonominen syvyyskartoitus ja virtausmittaus

Hydro-RDI-Network launches online event series to be held in Tuesday Mornings. Tuesdays of Hydrotechnology webinar series will have 5-10 webinars, each lasting one hour and having 1-2 key speakers. Each webinar has one specific topic related to hydrotechnology and hydrological research. Some of the webinars are held in Finnish, and some in English.

We are welcoming all interested to register to the events!

Hydro-RDI-Network collaborates also with Vesiyhdistys and Pointcloud-project in organizing the webinar series “Tuesdays of Hydrotechnology” in 2021.

Webinars will be organized as Online Zoom meetings, and the zoom link and event details will be sent to the registered participants by e-mail.

8.6.2021 at 10-11 am       

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