Hydro-RDI-Network Newsletter 1/2021 – Research & Events

Dear Hydro-RDI-Network Partners! 

We wish all is well with you despite the circumstances. In this newsletter, you can read about the upcoming project events and insights of ongoing activities, so that our partnership would benefit you more in the future.

More than 20 new scientific articles coming up

Hydro-RDI-Network research group has drafted over 20 research topics related to hydrology, and we are expecting to have interesting results during the years 2021-2022. In part of the research initiated, the researchers would be happy to collborate with companies. We will provide you more information about the topics and progress of the research in our upcoming events and via oiur communication channels as soon as we can tell you more.

The logo and webpages published. Logotype is presenting both the groundlevel and underwater sediments and thus describing the vast scale of hydrological reseach

See our new logo below this newsletter and explore the neew web pages at www.hydrordi.com. We have already put the partner logos visible and published some news. let us know if you wish to have more contact information visible, or you have anything else to comment. We will be developing the web page and its content during next months. Remember to use our our hashtags #hydrordi and #hydrordinetwork in social media.

The impact of the network grows, when its members are active and it makes new partnerships 

We have our own LInkedIN-group, and we aim it to grow an active platform for data and knowledge sharing for professionals in water sector. Hydro-RDI-Network aims to serve as the first Finnish competence center of the water sector. Welcome to join in our group!

Tuesdays of HydroTechnology – webinar series starting in May

We are launching a new webinar series called Tiesdays of Hydrotechnology, including 5-10 webinars with various topics related to hydrological research and technology. Webinars take just one hour from 10 am to 11 am 8sharp, no academic quarters). The link to these online events will be sent to registered participants, so make sure you have registered in time. First topics are published and event registration open.  Read more in here!

Hydro-RDI-Network Partner Workshop 15.6.2021 at 9-12 am in Zoom

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the network partners and collaborators to hear out regards from the project and to plan the common activities. The program will be published in May and we will inform you when registration to the workshop is open.  The common field working days and technology demonstrations in the field is unlikely during this Spring due to the Covid19 realted restrictions. Therefore, we would be happy to learn also of your needs and wishes regarding our common workhop in June.

Don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions, or you have ideas! 


Rita Rauvola

Project coordinator