Hydro-RDI-Network Newsletter 2/2021 -Summer regards and getting ready for the Fall

Dear Hydro-RDI-Network Partners! 

Hopefully you have enjoyed the summer and both the body and mind have a rest. Here, however, are a few reminders of the upcoming autumn and HydroTechnology webinars on Tuesdays. Also, remember to follow our website at www.hydrordi.com and join in our LinkedIn community, if you haven’t already!

Tuesdays of HydroTechnology – webinar series continues in August  

In the spring, Hydro-RDI-Network launched a series of webinars offering an hour-long factsheet on water technology and research. Webinars are held as zoom meetings on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. (exactly 10 a.m., no academic quarters). A link to each webinar will be sent to registered participants. Recordings of the first webinars are available to view and you can already register for the autumn webinars. Read more here:  https://hydrordi.com/news/recordings-for-tuesdays-of-hydrotechnology-webinars-available-and-registration-for-autumn-webinars-opened/

Next Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinars:

24.8. klo 10-11: Maria Kämäri, SYKE / First experiments of DGT-passive sampler use in water quality monitoring 

Register here: https://konsta.utu.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=88&tap=10687

7.9. klo 10-11: Jari Silander, SYKE & Liu Xiaoli, University of Helsinki / Predicting water level with neural networks

Register here: https://konsta.utu.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=88&tap=10722

19.10. klo 10-11: Olli Malve & Jari Silander / Datafuusio – miten yhdistän kaikki vedenlaatutiedot?

Register here: https://konsta.utu.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=88&tap=10955

Let’s develop the LinkedIn group and communicate of the water sector expertise

Hydro-RDI-Network has its own LinkedIn group, which we hope to grow an active platform for water expertise, research and news sharing. Many of us have joined already, but the importance of the network of water professionals will increase as the network becomes more active. So join in and feel welcome to share news to the network and start conversations! LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12503286/

And, in order to make the network’s expertise visible, I am also happy to receive news, which we could publish on our website www.hydrordi.com. So, get in touch and let us know of the network news.

Events and research news

A lot of field research has been done in the spring and summer time, and hopefully by the end of the autumn we will hear about many results, too. Of course, research results will be published also in the years to come, as our researchers have more than 20 new studies in progress! Technology demo days are also planned, and we are looking forward that the Covid19-situation hopefully allows it.

Have a nice summer everyone!

Rita Rauvola, Project coordinator, rita.rauvola@utu.fi