Recordings for Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinars available and registration for Autumn webinars opened

The Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinar series started in May 2021 and continues the briefings on water research and technology on Tuesday mornings about once a month in the fall too. The aim of the Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinar series is to provide short briefings on water research and technology and to bring together professionals in the field to discuss.

The first webinar was held on 11.5. At that time, the topic related to high-resolution terrain models in flow analyzes. Nearly 60 water experts, developers or students registered for the seminar, and 47 participants present. The next webinar was held on 8.6. on the topic of autonomous depth mapping and flow measurement. The heat of the summer seems to be a bit taxing, but there were almost 50 people registered for this webinar, and there were 38 present at best.

The Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinars consist of about 20-30 minutes of presentations on topics and then there is room for questions, experiences and discussion. Presentations on topics were also recorded. So, if you were prevented from participating, you can still return to the spring webinars from the following links during the summer 2021.

11.5.2021 Harri Kaartinen & Ville Mäkinen, FGI

8.6.2021 Petteri Alho & Linnea Blåfield, Turun yliopisto


The Tuesdays of HydroTechnology webinar series is organized by the Hydro-RDI-Network project, coordinated by the University of Turku and funded by the Academy of Finland, in cooperation with other water projects and actors. The first two webinars were organized with the PointCloud project and the Vesiyhdistys ry.

You can also register for the early autumn webinars! An invitation and a zoom link will be sent to those registered closer to the event. The webinars are mainly held in Finnish, but the titles of the titles in English mean that part of the presentation is in English.

24.8. at 10-11 am                 

First experiments of DGT-passive sampler use in water quality monitoring / Maria Kämäri, SYKE

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7.9. at 10-11 am                     

Predicting water level with neural networks / Jari Silander, SYKE & Liu Xiaoli, University of Helsinki

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19.10. at 10-11 am

Datafuusio – miten yhdistän kaikki vedenlaatutiedot / Olli Malve & Jari Silander, SYKE

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